True Stile and Rail Primed MDF Interior Doors

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IHS Door Company

We are a manufacturer of green sustainable doors. STILEChoiceTM doors are true stile and rail interior doors for commercial and residential installations.  We prime our doors so they come to you ready for the final finish.

STILEChoiceTM doors are made with MDF (medium density fiberboard). MDF is a homogeneous wood substrate that makes an outstanding door which paints exceptionally well. STILEChoiceTM doors are generally eligible for various green building standards such as LEED.

Sustainable Manufacturing

To produce a green sustainable product, we've adopted manufacturing methods that are ecologically sustainable. Although we acquired new equipment for many of our manufacturing steps, we've recycled used machines where possible. The prime coat we use is water soluble so there are no hazardous fumes.  Instead of using resources to dry the prime coat in an oven, we air-dry ours to save energy. Our air drying conveyor is supported with framing material we recycled from the construction of our dust collection system. We've enclosed several machines to exhaust the warm air in the summer and heat the makeup air in the winter. These enclosures also reduce the noise level for employees. The new lighting in our plant is high-efficiency fluorescent. Naturally this improves working conditions and saves considerable energy - a great combination. Finally, the wood byproducts from production are used for renewable energy.


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